Struble Books Tentative Timeline

This page contains my tentative plans for creating and publishing new content.

Below, you’ll find my ideal timelines for content delivery. Please note that these are speculative and subject to change based on life circumstances. Nevertheless, I remain dedicated to delivering the best quality content possible and I will do my best to keep you informed on changes and updates.

Blood & Snow
CH ZeroZ Project 2 (Name Pending)
OLDH Content Move
B&S Characters
B&S Story Live

I hope to have Blood in the Snow updated and a posting schedule set.

Ch ZeroZ Project 2
Ch ZeroZ title Logo

I will be starting on a new adventure following characters not yet seen, and characters that will be seen in future stories.

This story follows a teen who, since the disapearance of his father and his mother falling ill, needs to do something to take care of his family, or risk losing them.

It also follows a man taking his family on a simple trip, when events take an unexpected turn, setting the man on a dark path, with no care for his own well being.

OLDH Content Move
Our Lives as Demon Hunters

Starting the move of content from World Anvil to this site for OLDH. This will take some time to organize and buildout, so there are no ETAs on when this section will go live yet.

You can check out the current content at World Anvil right now. Things will be adjusted and changed on finally upload to this site as story, and world elements have changed.

B&S Characters

I plan to have all the main character sheets completed and hopefully all sub character sheets as well. This will be ongoing updates. Check the character page for updates.

Open Site to Beta Readers

Will start actively showing site is open for beta readers that want to join. The sign-up form is active, and sections are ready for readers to explore.

OLZ World Section
The world title image

With luck I will have this section filled with content to improve the immersive experience of this world.

Open to the Public!
Ch ZeroZ P3
Ch ZeroZ title Logo

I’m excited to announce I will be starting on the next project of Ch ZeroZ. This story will focus on Amell, a veterinarian who has to face the horrors of Z-day with his family. How will he use his medical skills to help others and survive? How will he deal with the prejudice and violence that his ethnicity might provoke? Find out in this gripping story that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Ch ZeroZ P2 Live
Ch ZeroZ title Logo

Once I get CH ZeroZ project 2 ready I will start a timed-release schedule. This will first be launched to paid members (if that is active at this time) then it will launch later to free members. I will have a release timeline overview for this once it is ready.

ETA When Completed
Forum for Users

Create a Forum section (looking into BBPress BuddyPress) so users can engage with each other and discuss the worlds.

I have created a discord and reddit for now and will assess a site forum later.

Light/Dark modes

I would like to create a proper light and dark mode for the story section of the site, if not for the entire site.

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