The World!

Our Lives in ZomTopia

Written by
M. R. Struble
Content Coming Soon-ish
This content is slated for wave 2 or 3 release and should be ready early – mid 2025.
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There is much about this new world that is different from what we once knew. Here you will find various records with useful information, to help your survival in this world. These records will be updated as we collect relevant data.

Creatures & Monsters
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From the daily menace of the undead, to the often-unseen stalker known as a ‘Gatherer’, this world has become a nightmare for the would-be-survivors trying to just stay alive.

Groups & Organizations
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Since the uprising, many new groups and organizations have emerged, some benevolent and others violent. We will keep records of these groups and their interactions with survivors.

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Haven, sanctuary, town, home, whatever they might call it, this is where we will be keeping records of the settlements that have managed to survive in this cruel new world.

The Atlas
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As maps are made of the safe routes to the various Havens, we will keep a record of them here. We will also have records of the surrounding counties and their known state of affairs, for future generations should know our history as well as our present.

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